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Pellet heating is the "greenest" energy source available


1 m3 of liquid petroleum gas equals to 2 kgs of pellet on average, which costs only 60 Forints. This means one cannot find a cheaper solution today than the pellet systems.


Pellet heating as compared to heating which uses liquid petroleum gas or wood fire, heating based on flue gases were found to be extremely environment friendly. Carbon dioxide emission < 200 mg/ m3

Pellet fuel is recycled energy

The revolutionary development of the Pellet Burner makes it capable of using any kind of biomass products (wood, energy grass or agricultural wastes such as corn stump). Using efficiently these recycled materials for heating can end up in a more economical and cheaper way than the traditional solutions.

For whom is it recommended to switch to Pellet Heating?

Choosing pellet system is strongly recommended for people building new houses, because installing the system does not exceed the expanses of installing a liquid petroleum gas system.

In case of switching from an already working system the return of the expanses depends on the size of the heated area. The larger the house is, the faster the return comes. Taking an 80 m2 floor space house with 15'000 Forints of monthly heating cost and 6 heated months the return would be in 12 years calculating with the above mentioned 50% of savings, but if the building has 250 m2 of floor space and the monthly bill is 120'000 Forints and all the other conditions remain untouched the return would be in 2,5 years.



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