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The pellet system

The pellet system has 3 parts: a pellet burner, a pellet boiler and a pellet tank.

The pellet boiler:

It differs from a traditional wood burning boiler because the heat transmitter surface is larger than the traditional, and the temperature of exiting flue gases constantly stays below 120 °C, making the operation of the boiler linear.

The Pellet burner:

The pellet burner is similar to a liquid petroleum gas burner, with the only difference that the fuel is "liquid wood", pellet. The control of our pellet burner is completely unique. The most important part of the controlling system is the temperature sensor, which senses the temperature of the water in the boiler to which the system responds automatically with its dual microchip processing unit, and adjusts the power of the burner according to this temperature. The power can be regulated in 3 levels, and if the water in the boiler reaches the desired temperature, the system can shut itself down, dissolving every possibilities of overheating the system.

The pellet tank

The tank's important function is to raise the comfort of the system, making the refilling of the fuel as rarely as it is possible. The tank can be custom made or our regular, 1 m3 one, which can contain enough pellet for 1-4 weeks, depending on the weather and other conditions.

The pellet system can be controlled with a regular room thermostat.

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